Thursday, June 4, 2009

My "official" weigh in

Today is my "official" day for weight in's. I joined Weight Watchers Online in March (i think) to help boost my weight loss, because apparently i wasn't doing something right and wasn't loosing any weight on my own.

I weighed in this morning about 30 minutes to a hour after i woke up... and i weighed in stark naked. Officially, i am now 148.4 pounds (and down to 20 points a day). I'm pumped! 13 more pounds to go till I'll be at my happy weight! (Although, I remember when i got pregnant with my second child... i had hit the 150 mark and was actually excited to be pregnant because that meant that i would be skinny again soon. Sadly, pregnancy is my best diet although I don't advise loosing weight like that.)

After getting some getting some surprise news this morning, i feel even more empowered to get these last pounds off (lets just say i want to look my best next month... lots going on and i want to look good again, if for nothing else other than to say "I'm hot" and know that i am).

So in a frenzy to know something that i don't already know about weight loss, i googled the web on how to lose weight quickly. You know what i came up with? Exactly the same stuff WW stands behind:

*drink lots of water
*eat regularly
*eat lots of fiber
*consume more good fats
*get plenty of quality protein
*carbs can help you lose weight
*DON'T skip breakfast
*move more

I'm starting to learn the ropes of this weight loss thing and knowing what works for me and what doesn't. I need to eat breakfast, even if it's just a little something. If i don't, then i feel off the rest of the day. I try to put off lunch as late as possible without it going too far into the day, in hopes of curbing the late afternoon munchies, which is my biggest problem time of the day. Dinner isn't a big deal for me. By the time dinner roles around, I'd rather not eat. My biggest problem is that i LOVE dinner. It tends to contain the foods i love the most (and i absolutely love the chicken trick... i do that a lot to and the kids and hubby love it that way the best too) and the highest calorie/fat meal of my day. Not a good combo so late at night. It's hard trying to keep my way of life going the way i need it to and have a family who "needs" all the extra calories they can get.

Things i really need to do:
*drink much more water. I used to be pretty good at this... now not so much
*exercise more. Use the elliptical. Walk more. Just get out and play with my kids instead of watching them from a chair while reading.


  1. Congratulations ... sounds like a milestone is coming soon! Very happy for you.


    I've said it a few times here ...carbs (low carbs) are better for your body (metabolize better) than artifical sweetners.

    it tricks your body with the sugar taste and it makes it believe there is energy coming - when it doesn't your body says I'm energy deficient ... feed me. Or something to that effect. If you do artificial sweetners you are actually working against the loose weight thing ... try lower glycemic index sugars - FRUCTOSE available in powder form. Agave nectar (it's like honey so can have it in tea and don't need to add when warm; better melting point and can bake with it but look for conversion chart). Or Mesquite powder (sweetner that is high in protein), I think this is better for baking and cooking than tea sweetner.

  2. I need an elliptical. I've wanted one for several years now.

    I'm an asthmatic, so I can't run ... I prefer weight training but that is difficult to do on my own (I have too much self preservation - I don't like PAIN). With a trainer they force me to push myself and I'll do it while cursing them and calling them masochists ... I believe they are in reality anyway.

    But elliptical I can do ... not too harsh on heart and lungs.

    Agreed DRINK MORE WATER. SO hard!!!!

  3. My hardest trial is to eat breakfast. I have always been a breakfast skipper (aside from 1/2 pot of coffee;). I really need to quit doing that. Some days, I skip breakfast & then go burn 1,050 calories at the gym (I have a Polar F4 Heart Rate Monitor). I KNOW that can't be good for me or my metabolism. It is hard though, because I'm not hungry & I would really prefer to have those calories in the evening, when I like to do the bulk of my eating. Again, not good.

    I actually do WW too. I can't imagine getting only 20 points a day! I think I have 25 points. I usually get lots of AP's so I guess I always get to eat even more:)

  4. Megan YOU MUST EAT breakfast.


    A freakin cookie is better for you than nothing at all!

    without breakfast your metabolism is functioning at only 75% ...

    Don't mean to lecture ... but find something ANYTHING you like at all and have it read.

    A granola bar

    something small.


    I want to start eating w/i an hour of waking ... that is hard for me