Tuesday, June 23, 2009

set backs

this week has been just one set back after another. It started Thursday. I was doing a bit of exercise... AKA demolition on a old house we have in our back yard that we are planning on turning into a guest house/workshop. Stupid me stepped on a nail and having only my son with me at the time, it ended up being quite the ordeal. That stopped all work for that evening and Friday morning i had to go in and get a tetnus shot... NOT FUN!. Friday my foot was sore enough that i couldn't walk on it much. Saturday it was feeling MUCH MUCH MUCH better so we took the family and headed to a national park (did you know that father's day weekend was free enterence into all national parks? cool huh!) and did a nice hike with the family. Nothing too strenious since we had the 3 year old in tow. On our way home i started feeling the effects of the tetnus shot and since then, i've been under the weather with flu like symptoms from the shot and a raging sinus headaches. Today, i'm starting to feel like i may be coming out of the flu like symptoms. My arm still hurts like crazy but its slowly getting better and i can almost raise it over my head again. I still have the raging sinus headache though.

Sadly to say, i gained 1.8lbs sometime between wednesday and thursday (Team Yellow weigh in and my Weight Watchers weigh in)... i've steadly gained weight since then (nearly 5lbs)but am back down to my thursday weight. This is my first time ever gaining weight since being on WW, almost 6 months ago.

I'm really trying to mind my P's & Q's today and not show a gain from last week to this week tomarrow. I'm feeling like i've let you girls down, which i know isn't necessarly the case, but it's been a rough week.

I hope you have all had a good week under your belt.


  1. Jolynn, we all have them. This is why we are all here. Setbacks are a way of life.

    It's okay.

    It's acceptable.

    Do not focus on what you did that was bad; but what you can do next week. Forget about it. Let it go.

    Sending you hugs!

  2. OUCH ... about the foot.

    Take care of you darling!