Saturday, June 6, 2009

struggling today...

It is only 9:30am and i'm already craving chinese. Yesterday wasn't the best eating day either. For breakfast i had a apple. Then we headed to town and we decided we had to try the new italian chicken sandwich from Subway. A foot long on wheat (light mayo, provolone cheese and lots of veggies, but also had their olive oil vinigrette) lasted me for lunch and dinner. But i also had a peice of my daughters subway pizza and a treat (3 points). I need to find out calories/fat/fiber so i can be accountable on WW for it. I'm scared to find out.

Today for breakfast i had a apple and am working on a 16oz cherry limeaide crystal light. I woke up super starving and i'm still hungry. The fact that i didn't sleep much last night due to my daughter having a fever that wouldn't break has started the day out on a terrible note. It's going to be a struggle to make it through the day focused. Not to mention the big family get-together tonight.

I'm going to try to plant more in my garden today and get those flowers we bought a few days ago into the ground. Hopefully spending a bit more time outside will do me some good.

I need some FOCUS mojo. 3 more days till my hubby and oldest son gets home. Life is bound to get more "daily" then.


  1. Hey Jolynn,

    I hope your day got better, and that your daughter is better too.

    Sending you FOCUS mojo!

    - sheila



    YOU CAN DO IT :)