Thursday, June 18, 2009


We made 3rd place!!!!

Nice job everyone!!!

I am shooting for 1st place just one time : ) my best week so far may be the weigh in after next for the biggest loss, I am off work for a few weeks starting this monday and will be attempting to work out Biggest Loser style.

Good work all, YAY!!!


  1. LOL - you beat me to it!!!! i was just on my way!


  2. I'm shooting for 1st this week too. I hope that your week after next is a great one, Jennifer, because I can nearly guarantee that it will be my worst - starting next Friday, I have my birthday, then I'm throwing a surprise party for my boyfriend, then it's his actual birthday - THEN - yet another birthday party for a good friend, which is at one of my favorite restaurants ever! I will work my a** off this week to do well next Weds, but I can't make any promises the week after!

    Way to go this week, Team Yellow!!!

  3. Oh Shelly, you can do it... just have a few bites of cake, not THE whole piece, eat the crudite instead of the hot fat cheese dip, and share your favorite dish with someone at dinner, that's what I do and it works so well. This is NOT the last time you will ever be at that restaurant, treat it as just a taste of the meal you can treat yourself with when you get to your goal weight :) and when we make 1st place!!!

    There are no reasons why you can't stay on the team momentum and still enjoy yourself. There's always going to be a birthday party or dinner out, just use reason. I have a friend in town this weekend and we are doing all the hot Hollywood restaurants we love, Chateau Marmont, Jerry's jewish deli who has giant yummy pastrami sandwiches, I will still seriously portion out my food and eat with reason.

    Stay strong team!!! We can do this, there's only 5 weeks left, let's go for 1st!!!!

    (Sorry if I am too blunt sometimes, just me... or may be the hunger pains speaking)

  4. I would love to get first this week! So far it is looking promising for me. Today I am down 3.2 pounds from Wed. I hope I can hold onto it though. My dad is coming to town and I am having a fathers day BBQ with steaks & margaritas. Not to mention my b-day is on Tues., the day before WI. I can't totally deprive myself, it is my last birthday as a 20-something;) Anyway, I least I have a bit of a cushion to get me through:) I might sneak in an extra workout tomorrow which would help.

    Go team Yellow!

  5. Also, Jennifer that is good advice. I know that is how I have maintained my loss of 60 pounds to date. These last 20 are tough ones though. It may be taking me forever to lose these days, but the numbers ARE continually headed in the right direction. I certainly didn't get here by depriving myself of what I love, for me, that is a recipe for a huge binge later on. I just eat smaller portions and get lots of exercise in.

  6. That sounds like a FINE plan.

    I think I want to try that. This past week = STRESS ... so I haven't been doing much exercise, which is always my problem.

    This weekend is going to be busy; busy for me means I eat GREAT! So I now need to get PUMPED about getting in some great exercise.


    I hope tomorrow doesn't show a gain. CROSS FINGERS EVERYONE - I didn't check today but the other was a bit higher ... but was retaining a TON of water ... humidity affects me like that! I need to remind myself to drink even more when it's humid out! OR EAT no salt or salty foods...yes ... my salad dressing is probably pretty high in sodium ... GRRRRR! Need to find low salt dressing.