Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Countdown to weigh-in #3

Hi ladies... It's only hours away, weigh-in #3. I am spending my last 24 hours eating low sodium, high fiber, lot's of water and definitely some "Last Chance" workouts.

Hope you are all keeping positive and motivated, I have had some big emotional set-backs this week and stayed on track through it all, it's been tough. But it's nice to have a team relying on me so to not let them down.

Cheers to everyone!!!


  1. i'm so proud of you! I've had some pretty major emotional (and physical) setbacks this week too only i haven't been as good about it as you have. I'm hoping that i odn't let you all down. I'm trying to do my part today to make it not a total loss this month.

    Thanks for the reminder... i really needed it to stay on track today

  2. It's never a let down, you even being present and aware is teamwork!!! I have said it before in my posts... this is not easy, it's like putting a recovering alcoholic in a job tending bar. We have to still be around food but learn how to manage it immediately or else our health suffers, I wish we could just quit cold turkey, stay away from food, stay away from those friends who eat food, he he, doesn't work that way... now that sucks, period!!! Keep your chin up, make healthy choices that work for you.

  3. right now i feel like i'm almost at that point where those last few pounds just WON'T come off...

    I've gotten to the weight where i'm comforaable at. Where the clothes fit right, where people are finially noticing that i've lost weight and getting compliments from the weight loss. It's just too easy to stop right here and be happy with it.

  4. I am exactly where you are Darl Jo. I have been losing the past couple months but VERY SLOWLY. I am comfortable & feel healthy & that makes it hard to find motivation. I am very nervous for tomorrows WI. I switched from WW to Spark People and I feel so dang full all the time with the calories they give me. I am also feeling like I am maintaining a ton of water right now. Ugh. I will go put in a kick butt workout in the am before WI.