Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jolynn - a little background

WOW! now that is a hard post to follow!

Hi. I'm Jolynn
I am 34 years old
My starting weight: 169 (January 1st 2009)
My goal weight: 130
My weight right now: 148.6

A little background on me:

I've never had problems with weight growing up. If anything i was too underweight. I was the "tiny" girl growing up. I got married at the end of 1994 weight in at 117. Nine months after being married i found out i was pregnant but was told that i had an ectopic pregnancy and went thorough surgery to fix it and ended up with major complications. From there on out, it seemed like it was the turning point for me. I was either having another surgery or pregnant every three years. After 3 surgeries (that have left me with a zipper belly = no bikinis EVER for me) and three children my body has been through the wringer. However, it wasn't until my last child that things really started to bug me about my weight. I've slowly gone up from 117 pounds (even during my pregnancy days - lets just say pregnancy wasn't good to me at all) to 169 pounds. I know that may not seem too heavy for a lot of people but for me, it's been devastating.

I have two major turning point for me. 1st was the fact that i was no longer fitting into my biggest pair of jeans. I was devastated and hated the fact that i was that large. 2nd, I look at my mom, and although i love her dearly, i just didn't want to end up looking like her and sadly, I'm very much well on my way.

Now I'm on my journey to get back to myself. I don't want people looking at me and saying... "well, she looks just like her mom" or "you are just so cute the way you are". I know i have much more to offer than excuses.

So, now I've been working at this for 5 months and have been loosing, on a average, 4 pounds a month. I weighed in this morning at 148.6 pounds. My goal weight is 130. Still a far cry from the 117 pounds that i used to be. But I'm OK with that. In the last 14 years I've decided that i know the range where i feel best.

The best part about losing 20 pounds right now is the size 12 (stretchy) pants i can fit into now that i saved when i got pregnant with my 2nd child. That is especially a great feeling knowing that when i started out in January, i was in my big size 18 pants. Yesterday, i tossed out those pants. I will never go back.



    Everyone's frame is completely different ... I would be ESTATICALLY thin at 140. Wearing 4's...

    I'm nearly 180 and I'm in a 12 too.

    So it doesn't matter what the weight is really ... the scale reading is different for us all.

    The goal is the same.

    To be the best we can possibly be without KILLING ourselves ... to do this healthy, confidently, supportingly, happily.

    And we will succeed. We will. I already know this. I do not have esp but I have read a lot of very positive wonderful things ... everyone is so ready for this.

    Like we've been waiting for the right time...I know I was ... LOOKING ... For a reason ... for a goal.

    I am goal oriented and I believe many of us are.

    WE have a goal.
    We have support.

    We will succeed.

    I'm not even going to concern myself with those other teams ... whatever their names ... they do not exist.

    It is only SKINNY YELLOW that will ROCK this world!


    World ... lookout ... we are here to CONQUER!

  2. Oh ... I'm 42.


    Am I the oldest team member?

    Weight comes and goes ... age only goes one way! OLDER!


  3. Hi Jolynn,

    What an amazing job you've done already with your weight loss - congratulations! Good for you for tossing those size 18 pants yesterday!

    One line in your post made my heart skip a beat. Two years ago this month (next week, actually), I had an ectopic pregnancy too. We didn't know about it, and I quite literally nearly bled to death in the ER. I had emergency surgery, the same type I had with my c-section. The emotional fall out of both the pregnancy and the near death experience were devastating, to put it mildly. This is when my weight gain began again, and over these two years I've packed on a lot of weight.

    Your successes so far are really inspiring, Jolynn. I know that as a team, we can do this!