Wednesday, June 17, 2009

week two weigh in

week 2 ladies! how'd we do???

Jolynn AKA darl_jo: 145.6
last week: 147.4
1.8 lbs loss from last week (wow! where did that come from??? CRAZY!)

Jennifer M: 173.5
last week: 176.5
3.0 lbs loss from last week

Megan: 165.2
last week: 165.4
.2 lbs loss from last week

Erika AKA WebJones: 258.7
Last week - 260.2
1.5lbs loss fom last week

Mellisa R AKA I am a tornado: 177
last week: 177
0 lbs loss from last week

Shelia AKA Shelly: 166.2
Last week - 167.6
1.4 lbs loss from last week

EAK! do i have names right? please let me know if i don't


  1. Congrats ... great fantastic job.



    yeah 0 loss; but 0 gain ...

    So sorry.

    Working on 2/3 for next weigh-in!

  2. last week 176.5
    this week 173.5

    Loss of 3.0

  3. Wow! Awesome losses ladies! Mine was, yet again not much to talk about.

    Last Week 165.4
    This Week 165.2

    Loss of .2 (yet again)

  4. Awesome work everyone. Jennifer - you've lost EIGHT pound in two weeks - wow - unbelievable! Way to go!

    I'm down 1.4 again this week.

    Last week - 167.6
    This week - 166.2

    Go Team Yellow!

  5. Last week - 260.2
    This week - 258.7

    Down 1.5

    Things are starting to get under control at work..for now.. I'm hoping to be able to kick up my blogging here and on my site.

    Before I go I wanted to share the link to the Wii Active site at I tried it last night for the first time and it's AWESOME. Better than Wii Fit and 100x's better than Jillian Michaels. More from me on that later.

  6. OHHHH! can't wait to hear about the Wii active! i'm wanting to get that one. I've heard a lot good from it.

    Great week girls... NO weight gain and that is success right there!