Wednesday, June 10, 2009

weigh in day ladies!

today is week one weigh-in! How'd we do?

i am down 1.2 lbs. I'm surprised i lost... it's been one of those food weeks. So... how'd you do? I'm excited to hear!


  1. Way to go!

    I'm down 1.4 this week, to 167.6

    Moving in the right direction :)

  2. Way to go, Jolynn!!

    I love your team blog! What a wonderful idea :)

  3. Weigh-in 6/10/09

    Start 6/3/09 181.5
    Wed 6/10/09 176.5 Down 5.0

    It was a very disciplined week for me, I went in to it with complete and total diligence, I can tell you that I went straight for a muffin after weigh-in this morning :) I warmed it up and spread butter all over it (Although it was a sugar-free 140 cal/6 carb muffin w Brummel and Brown low cal butter sub) But it sure felt good going down... yummmmmm

    Hope you all had a great week, just being here and acknowledging the need for health and change is winning for all of us :)

  4. Whoa! You ROCK Jennifer!!! Awesome news!

  5. What scale are you guys using that gives you such precise lbs/ounces? Mine only gives every half lb and I'm not sure if it rounds up or down.

    I can be so obsessive about these things though that maybe I don't need to monitor things so closely, I am already becoming rain man with counting my calories :)

  6. Wow Jennifer! That is so great!

    I only lost .2, putting me at 165.4. I think I would have had a good loss had we not got out of town for the weekend. The dining out killed me. Next week I will do better!

    I use a Health o Meter scale that I bought at Walmart.

  7. Jennifer, I get like that too. Rain manish that is;) I guess it is part of my type A personality, LOL.

  8. Thanks for the cheers... GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!!

    I know my weight loss will not be as good as week 1 so I am going to step up the workouts. I counted calories very strictly and drank about 90 oz water w lemon a day

    My meal plan: (Sample, varied a bit daily)
    Egg whites/1 dry toast
    fresh fruit/veggies/raw nuts
    Low sodium soup
    non-fat low sugar or plain yogurt
    lean chicken/fish no oil, light seasoning
    Veggies with dinner w brummel & Brown (no potato)
    100 cal desserts/low fat

    Good luck everyone for next week :)

  9. congrats! :) surprises like that are nice.

  10. I have unfortunate news...I'm up from 259.8 to 260.2...i'm so sorry to be the bad apple. I haven't been counting my points, but I have been walking all over the place!!! So I'm dissapointed to have gained. I wasn't expecting to drop record numbers this week but I was not anticipating gaining.

    so very sorry for the disappointment.

    On a better note - wow ladies..way to go!!!! You guys are rockstars. Please help me! I don't know how to get out of my own way and around my schedule. I have a problem with wanting what I want when I want and I must admit that those wants have NOTHING to do with weight loss. Yet I still struggle with just accepting myself as I am. UGH! It's this vicious cycle that I can't get out of. I don't know what to do.

  11. HOLY SMOKES MEGA WEIGHT LOSS! That's great Jennifer! I'd love to have that kind of weight loss in one week!

    a loss is a loss and definately a move in the right direction. It's all baby steps ;-) Next week will be so much better for all of us! Don't sweat it with the gain, it's only .4 of a pound. That can be the difference of a potty break ;-)

    The big thing is that we are all in this together... and together we'll do this!

    Now i'm trying to think of a way to step it up for next week (i'd sure LOVE a bigger #). I know i need to excersize more than just going out and gardening. I'm stepping up my water intake which i've totally slacked on. Still doing good on the fruit/veggie intake but i suppose i could do better on it... it's hard to find a bit of variety living off of 20 WW points (and still get in all those health checks ughh) so obviously i've been cheating on that part of it.

  12. Don't worry about it Web,

    Possibly try to incorporate a couple things off my meal plan above, don't put anything in your mouth without thought or reason... "What is the reason I am putting this in my mouth? am I bored, it looks good, it smells so good, it is cold out and I would love a mocha latte, do I need 27 grams of sugar?" NO... these are not good reasons

    try for "Why am I putting this in my mouth? because my body is hungry for fuel, I need these celery sticks for fiber, I need these egg whites for protien and lutien, I need this half sandwich for energy and nutrition but so glad I got the low sodium turkey and used mustard instead of mayo"

    It's just plain hard... period!!! It's like putting a recovering alcoholic behind a bar mixing drinks for a living.

    Keep your chin up, you can do it.

    Drink water!!! Half your body weight in ounces

  13. ok - todays weights...
    Jolynn: -1.2
    Jennifer M: -5
    Megan: -.2
    Ericka: +.4
    Mellisa R: -2
    Shelia: -1.4

    is this right? OH BTW... i have a Health o Meter too

  14. I bought the cheapest scale in the world ... so mine will not be so exact. I wasn't so very disiplined ... I was retaining for my first weigh-in so I probably really only lost 1 lb. Which is still VERY GOOD to me! I'm shooting for about 5-6 lbs a month. that would be good for me. I really need to step up the workout!