Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hello Team Yellow


My name is Melissa.

I am 40 pounds overweight.

I do not wear shorts.
I do not wear capri pants.
I do not go swimming.
I do not like my body.
I do not exercise.
I do not feel attractive.

I do have jealous feelings of thin people, and I feel terrible about them.

I do overeat.

I make excuses to avoid social events.

This is my first day here.

Hello everyone.

I am ready to change all of my negative body issues.
I am ready to start an exercise program that will work with my lifestyle.
I am ready to shed my extra 40 pounds.

I am happy to be here and I feel welcome.


  1. So well said! I have so many of the same issues. We can help eachother through this!

  2. We can do it... I have the same issues too, I have alot of very beautiful competitive friends and work in Hollywood with beautiful starving people every day, damn them!!! I try to find the confidence to live my life as a size 14, you can do the same, the confidence will spur energy which will spur a more happy active lifestyle which will spur weight loss, yay!!! Some of the things that help me are:

    Making sure my hair is done and I look cute no matter what

    Wear clothes that really fit right now, we look better in a size up rather than squeezed in to a size too small

    Not sure what to tell you about the pretty people in your life, maybe give in and ask them to teach you an exercise move? My BFf is a trainer and a yoga instructor and a size 0, I asked her to take me to yoga and lost 4 lbs from sweating, now I go on my own. If all else fails think of how shriveled up their organs must be from no food ;)

    Keep your chin up and your calories down :)