Wednesday, July 1, 2009

week four weigh in

Jolynn AKA darl_jo
last week: 148.8
this week: 145.8
difference: -3

Jennifer M:
last week: 171.5
this week: 171
difference: -.5

last week: 164.4
this week: 165.6
difference: +1.2

Erika AKA WebJones:
last week: 257.8
this week: 257.2
difference: -.6

Melissa R AKA I am a tornado:
last week: 175
this week: 174
difference: -1

Shelia AKA Shelly:
last week: 166.2
this week: 168.2
difference: +2


  1. Sorry girls. I am up this week. I have been doing some comfort eating, it hasn't been the best week. I back on the wagon today but I know it will be a rough weekend. We are going out of town and have lots of BBQ's and such to attend. I am running a 10K on Saturday morning though, so hopefully that will offset the damage of the holiday weekend.

    Here are my stats:
    This Week 165.6
    Difference: +1.2

  2. WOW Jolynn - you are seriously kicking butt.

    I can't figure out how to loose more than 1 or 2 lbs a week.

    me ... I'm 174 - was HOPING it would be 3 lbs ... but no such luck. I KNOW i'm retaining. HORMONAL today. GRRR!!! When you are old, it's so easy to retain water! Especially in summer; especially during that TIME. I feel it in my fingers and legs.

    So maybe next week it will be 3 lbs b/c tomorrow I should be closer to 173 for sure!

  3. UGHHH! I traveled home late last week for a 4 day trip and all everyone wanted to do was go out and eat. I got to walk one day but for the most part it was food and lazing around. I think the running after the kids and rough housing with them a little each day helped. But i'm hanging strong at 257.2. LOL

  4. thanks ladies... all weights are sent in!

    I totally get it about the water retention and being hormonal... bleck! that is where i was last week. I lost all my weight that i had gained but i also did a bit of comfort eating which didn't help with any "actual" loss.

    You are all doing great! we all have our ups and downs. Just take them as they come and get back up on that wagon!