Wednesday, July 15, 2009

week 7

How'd we do ladies?

Jolynn AKA darl_jo
last week: 147
this week: 147.6
difference: + .6

Jennifer M:
last week: 169
this week: 168
difference: -1

last week: 167.4
this week: 163.4
difference: -4.0

Erika AKA WebJones:
last week: 258.2
this week: 256.4
difference: -1.8

Melissa R AKA I am a tornado:
last week: 172
this week: 168
difference: -4

Shelia AKA Shelly:
last week: 168
this week: 168
difference: 0


  1. I'm at the beach on vacation this week, and have no scale (probably a good thing!) Let's be generous and say that I stayed the same - 168.

  2. I weighed in at 163.4 today. I guess I am down 4 pounds this week then? Crazy. I have been sick with a cold and very stressed. Terrible about food choices though. Well, I am glad to contribute after my terrible gain last week, LOL!